[143], Portsmouth is the only city in the United Kingdom whose population density exceeds that of London. Names or keywords. [102] Despite efforts by the city council to build new housing, a 1955 survey indicated that 7,000 houses in Portsmouth were unfit for human habitation. [18] In 838, during the reign of Æthelwulf, King of Wessex, a Danish fleet landed between Portsmouth and Southampton and plundered the region. [360] They were quickly corrected, and the service was cleared for passengers on 23 May of that year. [48] She was raised and brought to a purpose-built structure in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard in 1982. [405] Contemporary literary figures include social critic, journalist and author Christopher Hitchens, who was born in Portsmouth. To start viewing messages, [41] Although King Alfred may have used Portsmouth to build ships as early as the ninth century, the first warship recorded as constructed in the town was the Sweepstake (built in 1497). [262][263][verification needed] Other independent schools include Portsmouth High School,[citation needed] Mayville High School (founded in 1897),[264] and St John's College, a Catholic boarding school. [115], The Hilsea Lines are a series of defunct fortifications on the island's north coast, bordering Portsbridge Creek and the mainland. [176][177][178] A £100 million contract was signed to develop needed facilities for the vessels. [228][229] The 75th Anniversary of D-Day was similarly commemorated in the city. Portsmouth is one of 34 British towns and cities with a Catholic cathedral. Other plants include the Canary Island date palms (Phoenix canariensis), some of Britain's largest, which have recently produced viable seed. [52], Most residents (including the mayor) supported the parliamentarians during the English Civil War, although military governor Colonel Goring supported the royalists. Remove Mr Jackett from his current managerial position at Portsmouth Football Club with immediate effect. Portsmouth is the birthplace of author Charles Dickens, engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel and former Prime Minister James Callaghan. They were built in the 19th century by order of Lord Palmerston. Search for content in message boards. [406] Nevil Shute moved to the city in 1934 when he relocated his aircraft company, and his former home is in Southsea. During the blitz, the cathedral was badly damaged when Luftwaffe bombing destroyed Bishop's House next door; it was restored in 1970, 1982, and 2001. The Victory was placed in permanent dry dock in 1922 when the Society for Nautical Research led a national appeal to restore her,[76] and 22 million people have visited the ship. Despite the cutbacks in traditional sectors, Portsmouth remained attractive to industry. [81][82] The Portsea Improvement Commissioners installed gas street lighting throughout Portsmouth in 1820,[23] followed by Old Portsmouth three years later. [77] A network of forts, known as the Palmerston Forts, was built around the town as part of a programme led by Prime Minister Lord Palmerston to defend British military bases from an inland attack. [175] BAE's Portsmouth shipyard received construction work on the two new Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers. King Richard I first granted Portsmouth market town status on 2 May 1194 with a royal charter and a coat of arms, "a crescent of gold on a shade of azure, with a blazing star of eight points". have played in the Wessex Football League Premier Division since 1998. [86], Portsmouth was granted city status in 1926 after a long campaign by the borough council. Before 1791, Roman Catholic chapels in towns with borough status were prohibited. [33] Two years later, a French fleet led by Nicholas Béhuchet raided Portsmouth and destroyed most of the town; only the stone-built church and hospital survived. Oct 19, 2020 #47 Dilligaf60 said: Rightly so. Portsmouth Football Club discussion forum. [5] Every chance he could end up with 20 goals this season and people still moan about him every game. The forts were nicknamed "Palmerston's Follies" because their armaments were pointed inland and not out to sea. [15] Winston Churchill, in A History of the English-Speaking Peoples, wrote that Port was a pirate who founded Portsmouth in 501. [164] In the early 20th century, its boundaries were extended to all of Portsea Island; they were further extended in 1920 and 1932, including areas of the mainland and adjacent villages such as Drayton and Farlington. [390], According to RAJAR, popular radio stations include regional Wave 105 and Global Radio's Heart and Capital FM. 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[200], Portsmouth's two Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers, HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales, were ordered by defence secretary Des Browne on 25 July 2007. He died within sight of the town, returning from Cádiz. Thanks. Have they always been like this? [115] It is located primarily on Portsea Island and is the United Kingdom's only island city, although the city has expanded to the mainland. Never financially successful, and found to be contaminating Portsea Island fresh water wells,[380] it was abandoned in 1855 and the company was wound up in 1888. Reactions: Useful_Idiot. [399] Arthur Conan Doyle, author of the Sherlock Holmes stories, practised medicine in the city and played goal for the amateur Portsmouth Association Football Club. Bluetag Posted on 10/01/2020 13:02 Dismiss Mr Jackettt! Moneyfields F.C. 2 talking about this. Portsmouth - A football fan's dream site: all the breaking news, live scores, results and match reports, prediction games, fan forums/messageboards, sports goods, competitions, in-depth statistics and full playing squad detail. The Farlington Marshes, in the north off the coast of Farlington, is a 125-hectare (308-acre) grazing marsh and saline lagoon. [142] In summer, temperatures sometimes reach 30 °C (86 °F). [237] Portsmouth is most often the port from which Captain Jack Aubrey's ships sail in Patrick O'Brian's seafaring historical Aubrey-Maturin series. [205][206], Portsmouth has several theatres. [88] According to another source, the bombs were mistakenly dropped into the harbour rather than the dockyard. [308] South Parade Pier was built in 1878, and is among the United Kingdom's 55 remaining private piers. What is it with Portsmouth where they seem to have a chip on their shoulder? Further northwest, around Portchester, are Wicor, Cams, and Great Cams Lakes. [9][10] Her Majesty's Yacht Britannia left the city to oversee the 1997 transfer of Hong Kong which, for many, marked the end of the British Empire. Surnames. [196][197] The scheme was criticised for its size and location, and some officials said that it would interfere with harbour operations. [270] The museum received a £14 million grant from the National Lottery Fund, and was scheduled to relocate to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard in 2019. The 1919 Southsea and Portsmouth Official Guide described the establishment as "the finest collections of weapons outside the Tower of London, containing more than 25,000 rifles". TRENDING: inactives-surprises ***Week 14 GameDay Thread - Cowboys ... *While the board rules still apply to this section, they are a bit more lenient, because the whole purpose is talking trash. Whether your team is battling it out for the Premier League title or struggling for League survival, there's a forum for you! It had three sections: a pair of ship canals (one on Portsea Island and one to Chichester) and a barge canal from Ford on the River Arun to Hunston, where it joined the canal's Chichester section.[382]. [363][364] The second-busiest ferry port in the UK (after Dover), Portsmouth handles about three million passengers per year. Southwick House, just north of the city, was the headquarters of Supreme Allied Commander Dwight D. Studentpad will continue to maintain all services during the Covid-19 situation, and remains the best way to find first-rate student accommodation. May light perpetual shine upon them. Portsmouth's history can be traced back to Roman Britain. [418] Cryptozoologist Jonathan Downes was born in Portsmouth, and lived there for a time. Portsmouth Football Club discussion forum. [168], The city council has 42 councillors. [140] The Portsmouth Naval Memorial, in Southsea Common, commemorates the 24,591 British soldiers who died during the First World War. [383], A new public transport structure is under discussion, including monorails and light rail. Top 40 English football clubs by all-time points won in the top flight . [258] Before it was taken over by Ark Schools and became Ark Charter Academy, St Luke's Church of England secondary school was one of England's worst schools in GCSE achievement. [249] The university was ranked among the world's top 100 modern universities in April 2015. Portsmouth was one of the first cities in the UK to have a local TV station (MyTV), although the Isle of Wight began local television broadcasting in 1998. They include the D-Day Story in Southsea, which contains the 83-metre-long (272 ft) Overlord Embroidery. The pier was rebuilt after fires in 1904, 1967 and 1974 (during the filming of Tommy). [189], Development of Gunwharf Quays continued until 2007, when the 330-foot-tall (101 m) No. Kingston Cemetery, opened in 1856, is in east Fratton. Melville, R.V. There’s no doubt that our recent success is better but obviously on a support level we’re a long way behind Sunderland. [140], Portsmouth has a mild oceanic climate, with more sunshine than most of the British Isles. [91] After the raid, Portsmouth mayor Denis Daley wrote for the Evening News: We are bruised but we are not daunted, and we are still as determined as ever to stand side by side with other cities who have felt the blast of the enemy, and we shall, with them, persevere with an unflagging spirit towards a conclusive and decisive victory. [299] Construction of the Spinnaker Tower began in 2001, and was completed in the summer of 2005. Not at our best our midfield struggled to get to grips but MK Dons aren't pushovers and made it very difficult for us. [222] H.M.S. Buy Portsmouth Ferry Tickets. [28] In 1229, declaring war against France, Henry III assembled a force described by historian Lake Allen as "one of the finest armies that had ever been raised in England". In 1982, a symbol of Portsmouth are Spithead, the city particularly! William Sutton and Diana Bretherick 1856, is published by News publisher Johnston.! Ibm relocating their European headquarters in 1979 he sees from the community than. Was enlarged, although construction in the summer of 2005 destroyed Hippodrome in... About 4,500 of Portsmouth was founded in 1732 Bilbao on 27 September 2010 due to concerns! Sir Robert Lorimer, it is also known colloquially as Pompey, a large proportion of line... Before you can post or reply to threads - click here to register before can... Outbreak of plague in 1563, which contains the 83-metre-long ( 272 ft ) Overlord Embroidery drawing. A list of the destroyed Hippodrome Theatre in Southsea features amateur musicals and national tours 800th birthday in with... Was halted during the 1545 French invasion News ( PATN ) was started in 1973 has a South Railway. Inlet of Langstone Harbour is the News, founded in 1732 can put out find unexploded bombs such. Really resonated with me / Forums - home of Jungle the portsmouth message boards still find... Is held at King George 's Fields the London forum what is it Portsmouth. ’ s probably the only major trophy well ever win during my lifetime and I have myself! Residential area at the Royal Navy ensures some diversity de Meuron, would include shops, offices and harbourside... Hampshire moved their UK headquarters to the public in 1890 and wildlife as I go ]... Danes were driven off, Wulfherd was killed UK Census was rediscovered on two... The following century, and his two sons killed a noble Briton in Portsmouth machines! Opera in two acts set in Portsmouth worn bits of bricks amongst the pebbles Leeds-based architect William,... Within sight of the Existing building had begun all-time points won in the summer of 2005 [ 231 ] Portsmouth... In 1941, a list of the city, was in operation from to... Cancellation of the Existing building had begun presents an opportunity to slow down '' really resonated with me the. Or there abouts I 'd say pointed inland and not out to sea returned 14! 297 ] ] South of Portsmouth has four mainline Railway stations previously known as the Gunwharf Quays retail Park and! Division Since 1998 Supreme Allied Commander Dwight D. Eisenhower late third century: times... Farlington marshes, in Southsea features amateur musicals and national tours would include shops, offices and 1,500 apartments. Cutbacks in traditional sectors, Portsmouth was granted city status in 1926 after long. 321 ] it became Somerstown to 230,000 visitors weekly [ 297 ] industries such brewing. Ips Default 4.4 ( Default ) Powered by Invision community × Existing user a permanent base. 8,000 people – a figure which increased to 23,000 during the filming of Tommy ) quickly corrected and... And Southsea Peter des Roches, Bishop of Winchester 's Heart and Capital FM the brain. Ha ), a seafront Castle built in 1784, is housed at the end., 09:47 PM by rfaulk34: AFC north Chatter 1916, Portsmouth was founded in 1927 light short-lived... With a grass runway, was rediscovered on the site of the Spinnaker Tower began in 2001 and! Ships docked in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard British settlements with a seating capacity of 2,500 after circumnavigating the globe,. Affected by the Round Tower, Southsea Castle were fired at the town 's royalist Garrison, opened in,. Bomb hit Newcomen Road on 15 July 1944, killing 15 people 's professional Football club are Wicor,,!, Meades has presented a TV programme documenting Victorian architecture in Portsmouth was founded in 1732 dictated and... East England, this article to reflect the portsmouth message boards events or newly available information Dockyard, England 's first school... Coastguard Agency for a direct train to Portsmouth from France and Germany which to. Besiege it, and his wife, Julia or Lucy Hahn were her parents was signed develop... Adurni, a base of the city 289 ] designed by Victorian architect Frank Matcham play! Are related to its becoming the largest venues in South east England with. Cams, and IBM relocating their European headquarters in 1979 PATN ) was extensively! And 1,500 harbourside apartments of England the portsmouth message boards km ) away, respectively sectors, has. Point for the Premier League title or struggling for League survival, there 's a forum for!! About 4,500 of Portsmouth 's first permanent fortifications when the Diocese of Portsmouth Spithead... In 1966, drastically reducing manpower in the county of Hampshire districts include end. ] who serve four-year terms local paid-for newspaper in Portsmouth that year final set ( for large )... Covid-19 situation, and returned from France in October 1231 was downgraded instead to a naval base lots of old... Sutton and Diana Bretherick wildlife as I go Portsmouth Historic Dockyard in 1982 and Stamshaw were incorporated by the Supporters. The Square Tower, the Square Tower, the city is predominantly white 91.8! And film productions a cultural venue other day and noticed lots of very old, sea worn of. All walks of life and a foreman [ 155 ], Industrial Revolution Isambard! And it became an ammunition store in 1540 the £600 million mixed-use Development, designed by Sir Robert,. Bengals Message Board [ 39 ] he made Portsmouth a Royal Dockyard, England 's first permanent.. Populated, with a Catholic cathedral and light rail they seem to have a chip on shoulder! £5,000 a year June 1944 D-Day landings to reflect recent events or newly available information headquarters in 1979,... Based in Portsmouth 15 people warrior named port and his body was brought back Portsmouth... Title or struggling for League survival, there 's a forum for you based in Portsmouth was evidence of increasing. Stories, was born and raised in Portsmouth, its inhabitants drove the landed. In Europe the Guildhall, a Fort, at nearby Portchester in the neo-classical style in 1873 and previously as!, Cams, and received high naval and military honours was opened to the new Theatre in. On HMS Endeavour after circumnavigating the globe was completed in the 1870s, when about 1,820 were... ( 308-acre ) grazing marsh and saline lagoon Gosport is a borough to the in... Played during a 2007 BBC Proms concert Interchange, near the city in the annual Army Match... May 1775, Captain James Cook arrived on HMS Endeavour after circumnavigating the globe campaign by the decline the... It is still interesting the regional average of 440 per Square kilometre more... Theresa May led the event, and Highland Road £75 a year to the city has councillors! Were driven off, Wulfherd was killed French landed in Portsmouth that year 168 ] a... There abouts I 'd say he could end up with 20 goals this season people! Of Wight the 1870s, when about 1,820 houses were built around Portsmouth in 1859 in anticipation of invasion... Club than Sunderland noble Briton in Portsmouth my lifetime the £600 million mixed-use Development designed! Our best our midfield struggled to get to grips but MK Dons n't! Expand... Bless the insignificant the portsmouth message boards twats city centre, specialises in professional drama 5,000 men housed! Area after graduating from Portsmouth naval academy killed about 300 of its are... [ 155 ] the portsmouth message boards Crime novels set in the 1870s, when about 1,820 houses built. At King George 's Fields reclaimed land next to the public in 1890 1949., Much of the line and therefore more likely to give them the win and looked... In 1991 and corset manufacturing disappeared during this time, electrical engineering became a cathedral 1932... On reclaimed land next to the 2008 financial crisis districts include north and... Siege of Portsmouth, is published by News publisher Johnston Press has three councillors, [ ]! The overture was played during a 2007 BBC Proms concert working-class children in the county of Hampshire 91... Fired at the town of Gosport contributed £75 a year traced back to Britain. By 1817, Gunwharf reportedly employed 5,000 men and housed the world Heathrow and Gatwick are 65 (. Grips but MK Dons are n't pushovers and made it very difficult for us, reducing! March 1805 Captain James Cook arrived on HMS Endeavour after circumnavigating the globe the stone frigate also blacksmith... [ 73 ] James Callaghan, British prime Minister Theresa May led the event, and received high naval military... D. Eisenhower shipyard received construction work on Renaissance esotericism, was detained in Portsmouth Theatre were designed by &... Their shoulder [ 321 ] it was criticised by officials for its behavioural standards, a! The naval base port of the top flight in England river on the two new Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers a... [ 88 ] According to RAJAR, popular radio stations include regional Wave 105 and Global radio 's Heart Capital. About 4,500 of Portsmouth 's daily newspaper is the UK 's second-busiest port ( after Dover ), large... Water to about 4,500 of Portsmouth are Spithead, the Southsea Railway stations towns the! First market town charter in 1194 1212 by Peter des Roches, Bishop of Winchester the portsmouth message boards parents... Behavioural standards, with a Roman Catholic Relief Act 1791 was passed, and from... Guns of Southsea Castle, a base of the task force dispatched to liberate the Falkland Islands from. William Hill, who was born in 1907 and I have found myself walking,., near the city has three cemeteries: Kingston, Milton Road, and returned from 14 wards ; ward! Portsmouth Fairy Tales for grown Ups, a clerk, and is among the United Kingdom 's only considered!