BTS also known as the Bangtan Boys, is a seven-member South Korean boy band formed by Big Hit Entertainment. So he doesn’t deserve to even cry and shed tears – and implies he’s actually at fault. When I played the song for the members, we all cried together. The name subsequently became a backronym for Beyond The Scene. neoman nareul saranghaettago BTS – Outro: Tear (English Translation) lyrics May 18, 2018 Lyrics Comments: 0. Menurutku Outro: Her bukan gayaku banget musiknya, tapi ini, intro lagunya kayak ballad sedih gimana gitu, tapi ternyata isinya rap doang hiks. "Empties with even just that wind that passes by." “(something) is a luxury to you” is an expression commonly used in Korea to mean “you don’t deserve it”. 시작이 있다면 I don’t wanna listen to that You can read extended meaning of this poem here Country. I hope you kill quickly without hesitation, This is the real you and this is the real me, We’ve now seen the end and there are not even resentments left, Awake now from sweet dreams, I close my eyes, Farewell to me are just those moments (Flashback), The moment that your mouth speaks the word, The moment that our focus becomes irregular, At the moment when everything is dangerous. It’ll keep repeating, through you // ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! Farewell/time to part is like a tear, in that it creeps up on you without knowing, like tears welling up in your eyes. LOVE YOURSELF: TEAR WAS EVERYTHING I AM SO IN LOVE. LYRIC. geu kkumeun biroso kkumi dweeotne 너만 나를 사랑했다고 an ul geol an jjijeul geol What more can I say? You’re my fear We saw the end, there’s no more resentment 같은 꿈을 꿨다 생각했는데 With my long-time friends inside that are ugly and miserable 그래그래 조각이 나버린 파편 위를 즈려밟아줘 But it’s so hard, Why are tears falling 정답은 정해 있는데 You’re my, 이별은 내게 T.E.A.R Goodbyes are just momentary (flashback) eopseulteni ije shijakhaejwo ijen kkeuteul bwatgo wonmangdo an nama banbokdwel geoya neoro inhan Woo yeah yeah yeah burn it Translation of 'Outro : Tear' by BTS (Bangtan Boys) (방탄소년단) from English, Korean to English (Version #2) His tone here modern and straightforward although his imagery is poetic, but since I’m not RM nor possess his writing skills his part ended up full of frills 2. eochapi wollae kkeuteun itneun geojana Things that are too right or too much comfort The source lyrics have been updated. They’re edible too, so kids pick them and eat them. Color coded Lyrics 심장이 찢겨져 차라리 불 태워줘 Woo yeah yeah burn it 226. 오고야 말았던 나의 댓가 The lyrics seem slightly repetitive when you read all the songs together as there are some overlap of the same ideas in multiple songs. The word “tear” is interesting. 이젠 끝을 봤고 원망도 안 남아 The terms he used for “step on” is an old Korean word and is not used in normal speech in modern-day. Stop talking about forever You’re my you’re my tear You’re my you’re my tear 네 입에서 말을 하는 순간 Pied Piper (English Translation) 230. 니가 원하던 그 결말이니 늦었지만 넌 진실했다고 There is no such thing as a beautiful farewell, Woo take it easy, cut out the heart slowly, Yes yes, Over the cut pieces, step on them, Regrets, regrets, so that I would not have any such remaining, Tear into pieces and burn my heart to a crisp. The Korean Azaleas grow wild, often as the first flowers to bloom in spring. 흘리다 – means to flow, again as the tear imagery without actually saying tear. 왜 찢어버리는지 우리는 알고 있지 Tears are an extravagance to me Woo take it easy cheoncheonhi shimjangeul doryeojwo South Korea. 그 꿈은 비로소 꿈이 되었네 234. 어차피 원래 끝은 있는 거잖아 neul daedabeun eoryeobji, wae heullineunji I thought we had the same dream Tear Tear, This goodbye came to me at the end of my play Paldogangsan (Spanish Translation) 227. But that dream became just a dream ibyeoreun naegen geu sungandeulppun (flashback) geunyang neomu museowosseo Woo yeah yeah yeah burn it Only you loved me 2013 - present. 심장이 찢겨져 차라리 불 태워줘 This is reminiscent of his song “Reflection” in “Wings” album. This PDF includes EVERY vocab word from MAGIC SHOP You will learn 120+ vocab words and be more capable of understanding and singing along!! You’re my you’re my tear Tear I guess it’s more like “parting” or “time to part”.. Woo take it easy 천천히 심장을 도려줘 English, Korean / Romanization / Transliteration / Transliteration 2 / Transliteration 3 / Transliteration 4 English, Korean Outro : Tear Click to see the original lyrics ibyeol bulchibyeong Woo yeah yeah yeah burn it 반복될 거야 너로 인한 South Korea : Agency: ... Outro: Tear. Here are the lyrics: lyrics. 나만 아는 나의 그 맨얼굴도 neomu matneun sori hogeun neomu maneun wiro It talks about being turned away by a former lover and being seen as something insignificant. naye yeongeuk kkeute It’s kind of like…residual love/need that makes it hard to let go. 이별은 내겐 그 순간들뿐 (flashback) Could you have still loved me like that again? This is the ending that you wanted nareul bodeon geu misoro yeojeonhi neon nareul 이곳이 우리의 마지막이 돼 Learn how your comment data is processed. Check out Alex And Allen Amicy’s thoughts on this! ***sounds like “tear as in ripping” The lyrics actually are different in the 2 verses, the first time, while V sings it’s Love It’s so mad, then later Jimin sings Love you so mad. 추하고 초라한 내 안의 오랜 벗들도 I also agree with the other comment about it sounding like Lie you so _ and they want the double meaning (although V sings love not lie) 전부였어 앞으로 가 fear 타버린 재마저 남지 않게, 이게 진짜 너고 이게 진짜 나야 With my bare face that only I know of You’re my you’re my tear 고통과 미련 그 무엇도 남지 않게끔, You’re my tear You’re my tear jeongdabeun jeonghae itneunde 이게 진짜 너고 이게 진짜 나야, 같은 곳을 향해 걸었었는데 우리의 초점이 불규칙해지는 순간 고통과 미련 그 무엇도 남지 않게끔, 어떤 말을 해야 할지 I couldn’t say any of that uriye chojeomi bulgyuchikhaejineun sungan You’re my you’re my tear 가차없이 서로를 부수네 Respect. 넌 내 시작과 끝 that is all 누군가 시간을 되돌려준다면 olchi geurae geogiya mwol mangseorini You’re my you’re my tear Outro : Tear Songtext von BTS mit Lyrics, deutscher Übersetzung, Musik-Videos und Liedtexten kostenlos auf The first is that the song describes the idol-fan relationship. geuraegeurae jogagi nabeorin papyeon wireul jeuryeobalbajwo What more can I say? You’re my you’re my tear Activity years. This line ends with the word “empties” since the word order in Korean is very different from English. **sounds like “tear as in crying” This is the real you and this is the real me, What can I say? You’re my you’re my tear jeonbuyeosseo apeuro ga fear I tend to use “flowery” language when translating, especially when it comes to lyrics by RM (which I L VE). Persona (English Translation) 229. 그 꿈은 비로소 꿈이 되었네 shijagi ittamyeon geureon mareun mot handago apeuro nado Goodbye, to me, is tear / Even without my noticing, it comes You’re my tear, gateun goseul hyanghae georeosseotneunde 어쩜 내가 좀 더 솔직할 수 있었을까 BTS (방탄소년단) - So What Lyrics KOREAN Romanization, Korean, Translation. Most Koreans are very familiar with it though, as it appears in the very well-known poem, “Azaleas” by Kim Sowol. I don’t wanna listen to that This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Respect (Spanish Translation) 236. BTS Love Yourself: Tear OUTRO TEAR LYRICS VOCAB. Persona. THIS WAS MY FAVE SONG AND NOW WITH THE ENG SUBS I AM TRULY IN LOVE. In future, I also have the terminal illness of farewell. Would you have still put on that smile Woo yeah yeah yeah burn it You’re my tear You’re my tear You’re my tear You can see this if you check the video subtitles and you can hear it if you’re listening for it. Color coded Lyrics I don’t wanna listen to that I don’t wanna listen to that gateun kkumeul kkwotta saenggakhaetneunde ige jinjja neogo ige jinjja naya, eotteon mareul haeya halji For me it’s “tears from eyes”..and for Yoongi hyung, it was “ripping”, and for Hoseokie, it’s fear of each of those moments…so for him, it’s “fear”. ****used the word for ripping here, The heart that is stained with belated self-loathing, Empties with even just that wind that passes by. Yes, right there, don’t hesitate To “step on” the azaleas in this poem gives the impression of stepping on all the purity, innocence and happiness… an act of cruelty and indifference Which emphasizes the careless cruelty when used in this song. 그런 말은 못 한다고 앞으로 나도 LET’S LOOK AT THE ENGLISH LYRICS FOR OUTRO: TEAR BY BTS. They’re also baby pink, not the darker reddish pink that Westerners are often familiar with. daldeon kkumeun kkaetgo naneun nuneul gama 영원을 말하던 우리였는데 soyongeopseo naegeneun nugunga shiganeul dwedollyeojundamyeon BTS (방탄소년단) – Outro: Tear Lyrics KOREAN Romanization, Korean, Translation. 나의 연극 끝에 [Album] LOVE YOURSELF 轉 ‘Tear’ 너무 맞는 소리 혹은 너무 많은 위로 Wiki. nunmul ttawineun sachinikka 미련, 미련 그딴 게 더는 남지 않게 아름다운 이별 따위는 그렇게 또 사랑해줄 수 있었을까 What more can I say? galgigalgi jjijeobalgyeobeorin nae shimjangeul ssak bultaewojwo You’re my start and my end, that is all BTS Love Yourself: Tear MAGIC SHOP LYRIC VOCAB. 같은 꿈을 꿨다 생각했는데 So for us, which does “tear” signify to each of us? ♥PO BOX 676 Madison AL, 35758 *WATCH IN 1080 or 720 HD*::::: CREATOR BIO :::::Suavécito Papî.....GANG! You’re my you’re my fear You’re my you’re my tear 이별 불치병 gachaeopshi seororeul busune Woo take it easy, slowly cut out my heart You’re my tear HEY HEY LOOK DOWN HERE! jeonjungkook, jimin, jin. My new encounter and my goodbye Song: Outro: Her (English Translation) Album: LOVE YOURSELF 承 ‘Her’ ... ‘Cause you’re my tear, tear All of my wonder You’re the answer I call you her, her ‘Cause you’re my tear, tear . Lyrics - Outro: Tear (Translation) Translation notes: 1. 늘 대답은 어렵지, 왜 흘리는지 "My long-time friends inside me that are ugly and pathetic" areumdaun ibyeol ttawineun I was just so scared Please stop talking about forever, forever, Too many truths, too many comforting words…, Because it seemed like it could be that there were no moments when I loved you, But now we break each other without mercy, My heart is tearing, please burn me up instead, So that I would not have any pain nor regrets remaining. We used to talk about forever And..regrets are also like tears, as they crawl on the face. eojjeom naega jom deo soljikhal su isseosseulkka Please review... Dima Bilan - Вторая жизнь (Vtoraya zhiznʹ), Paradosiaká (Greek Traditional Songs) - Aπό ξένο τόπο (Apο xeno topo), Acda en de Munnik - 't Is Stil (Aan De Overkant). The answer is here yeongweoneul malhadeon uriyeotneunde Rom: CCL The moment everything became dangerous You were my everything, keep going forward fear 망설임 없이 어서 죽여주길 Love Yourself: TEAR is even more cohesive. You’re my tear About BTS. Maybe I could’ve become more honest ENJOY THE BTS OUTRO TEAR REACTION / LYRIC BREAKDOWN! 2018.05.18, ibyeoreun geojitppunideon shimjangi jjitgyeojyeo charari bul taewojwo 나를 보던 그 미소로 여전히 넌 나를 If there’s a start You’re my, Goodbyes are T.E.A.R 228. tabeorin jaemajeo namji anke, ige jinjja neogo ige jinjja naya deo, You’re my tear There’s always an end to everything After hearing the bittersweet inspiration behind “Tear”, fans will never hear it the same way again. Outro: Tear" begins with a fast rap, the lyrics describing the regretful possibility of the band's disbandment, and “134340” is named after the minor planet designation of the former planet Pluto. K-pop, Hip-hop, Pop, Electronic. You’re my you’re my tear Tear, Korean: music.naver Check out my store to purchase the FULL TEAR ALBUM (11 songs) Vocab List! 옳지 그래 거기야 뭘 망설이니 I shouldn’t have cried, shouldn’t have been torn apart 더, 같은 곳을 향해 걸었었는데 English, Korean / Romanization / Transliteration / Transliteration 2 / Transliteration 3 / Transliteration 4 English, Korean Outro : Tear Click to see the original lyrics Watch till the end for a bit of concert footage. You’re my you’re my tear You’re my fear 그냥 너무 무서웠어 Reflection (English Translation) 232. Check out my store to purchase the FULL TEAR … Without actually saying the words “tear” except once in the first line, this section really re-enforces the imagery of tears. That’s the price I’ll pay Rain (English Translation) 231. miryeon, miryeon geuttan ge deoneun namji anke But this place is our last When applied to a person, this verb usually means to lose things/leave things behind, as if they’re inconsequential. 달던 꿈은 깼고 나는 눈을 감아 이별 is not quite farewell.. there is no exact word in English. geureoke tto saranghaejul su isseosseulkka Prakata, ini adalah lagu kedua favoritku setelah Fake Love. RM mentioned these different versions on his V-Live review of the album on May 28, 2018 (starting at 45 min) But from now on, I have an incurable disease You’re my you’re my fear naye mannamgwa naye ibyeol